Veterans Memorial Post 347

Commander: Dave Musser

August is upon us and we’ll have a lot of activity happening at the post requiring reduced capacity, services and menu options.  While the new flooring is being installed, we will operate out of the main hall beginning on or about   August 6th.  Then we will shift operation back to the lounge on or about August 13th.  Please be patient while this work is being done and check the website frequently ( forupdates.  We are not anticipating any issues but you know Murphy’s Law!!!

We are well into the heat of summer.  It is important to stay hydrated before outside activities.  It is also hurricane season so preparation to include food, water, medications and battery-operated devices should be on hand in case of power outages.  The list for preparedness can be found on .   Additionally, August 10th is the start of Florida back to school.  Please be cautious in school zones and when busses are loading and unloading students.

Remember, the Post runs on volunteers.  Without them we would not be able to provide the services that are enjoyed by all at such a        reasonable price.  We have the largest American Legion membership in the world and have to struggle to get volunteers.  Please Help!!

On a final note, “Happy Birthday” to those   celebrating during the month of August.

Aim High and Keep Up The Mach!

August, 2022


As we move into a new fiscal year, I would like to thank my fellow Legionnaires for having the confidence to elect me as your new Post Commander.  I am looking forward to having a productive year along with gaining new and younger members to carry on the legacy of Post 347. 

At the organizational meeting held on June 23rd, a new committee was formed to solicit the thoughts and ideas from our members on what YOU would like at our post.  It is impossible to move forward without change and with your support, hopefully new and fresh ideas will come out of this process.

On a final note, your post operates with the assistance of volunteers.  Without YOU we could not provide the services we do.  If you have not volunteered, please consider helping out.  You do not have to commit every day, even if it is only one or two days a month, it would be time well spent.

I am hopeful that as a Legion family we can move forward with exciting new ideas for promoting our post and supporting our local veterans that need our help.

Aim High and Keep up the Mach!

July 2022