Veterans Memorial Post 347

Post Chaplain-Christine Falkowski



               We have many things to be thankful for every day. Sunrise, the love of family and friends, our home, and our    camaraderie through service to veterans and the community. 

               As we enter the month of September we should include our thanks for God’s answer to our prayers during World War II.   We should give thanks in recognition for His bringing peace to a troubled world 76 years ago on September 2, 1945, Victory over Japan, VJ Day. 

               We should honor those that made the supreme sacrifice and give thanks for all those that were able to return home.

               Do you give thanks every day to the Creator of all?

               He hears our prayers. He also hears our gratitude, and we should express it each day to bring tribute to Him. 

               Live your best life, care for yourself and others, and be kind to all that cross your path. In your prayers, please include our members, families, military personnel and first responders that are ill or in need. 

In Service to God and Country,


September, 2021


August, 2021